We aim to teach the kids computer science effortlessly in an intuitive way, with world-leading computer science experts only at Coding Jr. Our focus is to prepare kids for the future and make them aware of technology from an early age. They possess immense creativity and outstanding thinking skills. To inculcate the habit of high-order thinking skills, we aim to Sharpen the thinking and logical skills of your kids. In the upcoming years of global crisis, it's important to embed the knowledge of coding and equip the kids with the right weapons for the future. The art of solving problems is a must for children so that they can also relate it to their practical life. After learning coding with us, they will develop the courage of bouncing back after failing. Coding will provide them with the opportunity to try again and again and never lose hope. Due to a lack of skills in the software industry, there is a huge demand for skilled programmers.

Here at Coding Jr, we innovate, invent and empower the kids to create something new, out of the box, something of their own. We possess the ability to transform the kids and take them a level up in their coding journey. Coding also helps to sharpen their minds and gives them an edge over other students in terms of mathematics. Coding is the language of the coming future. To establish algorithmic and structural thinking in children, coding is a must. Let’s walk hand in hand and give your child the key to the future.